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2011 Movement Fly Swatter

big floaty and fun!

2011 Movement Flyswatter
Sizes: 175, 185
Sidecut: 145|125|145
Radius: 17m (185cm)
Special Features: Sidewall CTS Woodcore, Dynamic Tri-Axial Wrap, Okulen Synthetic Base

When we first set our eyes upon this very curious looking pair of skis we thought they might be broken. The rocker tip and tail are that drastic! You, like us, may thing that they are silly and won't perform. That is where we all would be wrong. These 2011 Movement Fly Swatters are the real deal. A tough woodcore construction coupled with a short turning radius make these the ultimate backcountry jibbing tool. Take all your best days in the park at your local resort, add a snowcat, take away the lift lines, add a dash of powder and BAM! Time of your life.

Visit the Movement Skis Website:

2011 Crown Skis Satori

2011 Crown Skis Satori
Sizes: 169, 183
Sidecut: 127|97|118
Radius: 25m (183cm)
Special Features: Made in Canada! Woodcore Sandwich construction, Custom Graphics Option

All mountain versatility, one ski quiver, fun, energetic, suprising...these are the terms that were heard as our testers tried out the Crown Skis Satori for the first time. This skis is hand made in Vancouver BC by a small company of dedicated skiers. They seemed to have hit is right with the Satori. It was the smallest of the group on our test day and it held it's own very well. Use this ski to cruise thorugh the trees and play around on natural features. The cool thing is, they are not heavy so you can keep doing laps all day! 

Visit  Crown Skis online at:

2011 Crown Skis Kensho

made in bc, the home of catskiing

2011 Crown Skis Kensho
Sizes: 175, 190
Sidecut: 142|106|122
Radius: 25m (183cm)
Special Features: Woodcore Sandwich construction, Mini Rocker, Custom Graphics Option
Made in Canada!

Powder skiing, crud busting, ripping in the trees and bowls. Does this sound like a perfect date? If so, then this is the ski for you. We must admit, it was a little different looking upon a first glance, but once you got beyond first impressions you discovered how you could easily have a love affair with these babies! This ski was happier at a little higher speeds and the long length meant you should probalby have some good strength. But that is why those earned turns are so sweet!
Visit the Crown Skis Website:

2011 Line Prophet 100

more of a resort ski really :)

2011 Line Prophet 100 Powder Ski
Sizes:165, 172, 179, 186
Sidecut: 134|100|125
Radius: 18.90
Special Features: 4D 'Super Beefy' Fibrecap Construction, Maple Macroblock Woodcore

We've all heard the saying - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Well in this case we totally agree. The new Line Prophet 100 for the 2010/11 season is unchanged from last season. The only difference you will notice are the almost haunting graphics of an empty powder covered tree. We're diggin the look of the ski, but what really counts is how it performs. The Line Prophet 100 plows through the snow especially if you are at the back of the pack and have to deal with a few tracks. We also tested this ski at a resort where it showed us that it is a true all mountain powder ski.

Check out the Line Skis website here:

2011 Line Prophet 115

classic fat ski school shape, power to the people

2011 Line Prophet 115
Sizes:172, 179, 186
Sidecut: 153|115|142
Radius: 19.0
Special Features: Metal matrix 4D Fibercap Construction, P-Cut Geometry Freeride Flex, Maple Macroblock, Fatty Base & Edge

The Line Prophet 115 is new for the 2010/11 season and we welcome it with open arms! One of our testers Todd absolutely loved this ski. You know whe you ski some of these fat skis they feel a little loosey-goosey jib style? Well the Line Prophet 115 is NOT that. It charges hard but is seeminly nimble. A perfect ski if you want something larger that its younger brother the Line Prophet 100 but don't want a monster like the Prophet 130 and the like.

You want a ski that gives back, try this one.

- Todd Avison Ski Tester

Check out the Line Skis website here:

2011 Line Sir Francis Bacon

do you smell bacon?

2011 Line Sir Francis Bacon Powder Jib Ski
Sizes:172, 183
Sidecut: 142|115|139
Radius: 18.0
Special Features: Sidewall Construction, Early taper, G-Force Geometry Symmetric Flex, Maple Macroblock, Fatty Base & Edge

Bacon is good on everything and so is this ski. Line Pro Skier Eric Pollard dubs these his "one quiver ski". So if you aren't a pro skier and can only scratch enough cash together for one pair of skis, take his advice and buy these. The Sir Francis Bacon were a crowd favorite at our test day. We all couldn't really explain why women, girls, young men, old men, were grinning on these boards. We figured it out - one word.... Bacon.

Mmmm bacon...enough said, I'll take a pair

- Annonymous Skier

Check out the Line Skis website here:

2011 Line EP Pro

I'll take two please

2011 Line EP Pro Freeride Jib Powder Ski
Sizes: 185 Only
Sidecut: 153|127|150
Radius: 15.90
Special Features: Sidewall Constructiuon, Ealrly Rise 45cmx30mm, Early Taper, Symmetric Flex Maple Macroblock core, Fatty base & edge

Like most of you, we have been watching Eric Pollard smoothly make his way down some powder sloped most of us only see in our dreams. The difference with Eric is that he makes it look easy with such grace and little effort. Part of the trick is this ski that beares his name. The 2011 EP Pro has it all: Nose Rocker, Tail Rocker, Reverse Camber, solid wood core, sweet graphics and some surprising verstility. If you are the kind of powder skier who likes to jib and jump of of everything and anything the EP Pro gives you a tonne of pop followed by a really controlled and smooth landing. Don't be afraid to make these the only skis you use whether in the backcountry powder skiing or on the lifts. It just works and we like it.

Hey, even if you don't ski like Eric Pollard, this is one step closer.

Check out the Line Skis website here:

2011 Salomon Rocker

definitely the business

2011 Salomon Rocker
Sizes: 192
Sidecut: 147|127|137
Special Features: Rocker, Full Wood Core, Flat swallow-tail

The 2011 Salmon Rocker was the surprise favourite amongst all our testers this year. When we first pulled it out of the Thule rack, everyone had comments on the size, the swallow-tail and how it looks cool it probably wasn't for them. Thankfully we had this baby for demo in the backcountry powder where it belongs! This skis charges hard down the piste as I am sure you can imagine. What really impressed all of the testers was how easily the Salomon Rocker was to manuever. Remember, this is a 192cm! Now, probably not the most versatile ski for use at the resort but that won't be a problem because once you have experienced these in the backcountry pow you won't be rushing to get back to the chairlifts!

I want these skis!

- Geoff Holman Photographer

Check out the Salomon Website here:

2011 Salomon Czar

zar ok

2011 Salomon Czar
Sizes: 166, 174, 182, 190
Side Cut (174): 128|108|111
Special Features: High Twin Tip Tail, Full Wood C0re

The Salomon Czar is a fun playful ski that lends itself well to tricks and poppin' around the features on the slopes. This ski tripped us out the first few turns because it has an incredible amount of float while not being the largest ski in the test. This makes it nice and loose to throw around, land switch and all those jibbing type actions if that is what floats your boat. So if you are looking for a tonne of float in a playful ski but not want to buy two pairs of skis, check out the 2011 Salomon Czar.

The SUV of the 2011 Salomon Ski Line-up

Check out the Salomon Website here:

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