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The latest news from the catskiing / snowcat industry.  Where to ski, who has snow, whats happening.  We also post reviews of the latest gear, skis, and some general interest stuff.  Be sure to check for last minute deals to make your winter vacation the best.

Season Opener @ Big Red Cats

We got the Catskiing season off to a great start thanks to Kieren and the crew at Big Red Catskiing in Rossland. We headed out there for the January 3-4 weekend with excitement just to get some powder turns matter how deep or abundant! Arriving at the Red Shutter late Friday night we were greeted with two guests who could barely keep their eyes open long enough to tell us how their last few days had been. Their expressions of bliss are still plastered to their faces I am sure!

Anyways, the skiing...well, we got up to the Big Red terrain to find sunshine and knee deep pow! Given the avalanche conditions in the area, the guides kept us in the trees which was fine with us! The next day we awoke to what amounted to another 20cms and sun poking in and out all day. Awesome weather, fantastic skiing, and a professional crew to boot. Click here to see some pics and stay tuned for more stories and videos in the next few days.

The Things we do for Catskiing...

I don't know about you, but I have had the "30cm Flu" more that once. I was sitting here in my office after chatting with the guys from Fernie Wilderness Adventures and what started as a 5 minute conversation about business turned into a 20 minute conversation about catskiing and what we would do to get it! I once stole borrowed a car, one of our crew Adam works like a hundred jobs in the summer just so he can take off in the winter. What have you done or what would you do? Give us your story in the comments section of this article.

Mad River Rocket Sleds

looks like a fun way to hurt yourself


Mad River Rocket Sleds

Ditch the traditional saucer sled and have a ball this winter on Mad River Rocket Sleds ($95-$275). With two adult styles and two for children, the company's sleds offer quick-release lap belts and comfortable knee pads that allow you to ride in the kneeling position, improving control, balance, and steering capabilities. Just remember to watch out for trees.

Source ( Uncrate )

TGR Under the Influence Review

The Catskiing Canada crew went to the movie premier of this years offerings from Teton Gravity Research, Under The Influence. After getting a belly full of sushi (a great way to start any evening) we sat our butts down at the Kelowna Community Theater for the show. After the traditional sponsor give aways and throwing of dangerous objects into the crowd, the film got off to a geat start.


New Cat at Island Lake?!

islandlake-hotrodHere at two things get us going: untracked powder skiing and cars. The guys at Island Lake just sent us these images of a new breed of cat machines. It seems that late one night someone decided that it was about time to marry the world of hot rods and catskiing! This is one of the coolest snow machines I have ever seen and can't wait to see it in person. Enjoy!


{yoogallery src=[/images/stories/islandlakerod/] height=[80]}

Big Red Cats is Going Green

1 step closer to granola nirvana

Big Red Cats today enhanced it reputation as the world most eco-friendly catskiing by installing an Oil water separator last week in the outlet from it mechanical shed. An Oil water separator catches oil or hydraulic Fluid from drains in the floor of our maintenance shed. Kieren Gaul president of Big Red Cats said - "I don't know of any other cat ski operations that have taken this step to protect the environment".  Gaul said "this stuff may not sound sexy - but it has a real impact on the environment"  Gaul also said that "we have also just installed a new double walled fuel tank with spill containment this month".

10 Strange Snow Cats


The modern snow cat has always fascinated us. Every time we see one, we just have to check it out. The vintage ones that have popped up through the ages go to prove Man's obsession with conquering anything covered in snow! Click the link to check out 10 strange snow cats we found.


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