Icebreaker Pure Merino Wool


If we told you that we had found a clothing company that was environmentally sustainable, that the garments would never stink, wearing them would make you look fitter, and you could make a pen pal out of the sheep that made the wool, would you believe us?

Well, we have found such a company in the fashion capital of the world: Paris New Zealand. Icebreaker began as all great companies do, by accident. Icebreaker CEO and founder Jeremy Moon was backpacking with an American girl at the time when she introduced him to a sheep farmer on an isolated island off the coast of New Zealand. Jeremy was taken  by the properties of this 100% pure merino wool and and what it could mean for outdoor enthusiast. The rest, as they say, is history...

Since 1994 Icebreaker has become not only a sought after thermal garment, but also an innovator in athletic fashion. You can now buy your thermal undies from Icebreaker as well as mid-layer pieces, thicker insulating pieces, real fleece, and now casual city wear.

100% Premium Merino Wool clothing in sport specific designs.· Get the info on how this clothing can work for ewe.


Backcountry Access


Safety First! That's the mission at Backcountry Access: to save lives, not just to pump products. BCA is North America’s leading manufacturer of avalanche beacons, shovels, probes, snow study equipment, and avalanche airbags. We feel safe a prepared with the easy-to-use and proven Tracker Beacon at our side while out in the BC Backcountry enjoying the powder.

As we have gotten to know BCA we have learned that they are much more than a company selling products for a profit. Of course they need to do that, but these guys are dedicated to avalanche education and safety. A quick visit to their website and you will notice that they are a group of 'knowledge leaders" in avalanche safety. Have a look at some of the resources on their Research Page and you’ll see that, like their products, their research challenges conventional wisdom about such issues as avalanche statistics, receive range, shoveling, and multiple burials.

Check out BCA's collection of:

Bern Unlimited

Bern-toddBern Unlimited is a lifestyle action sport company specializing in head protection for non-motorized action sports. Bern is passionate, focused and committed to providing skaters, snowboarders, skiers, bikers and wakeboarders with adaptable All Season head protection that fits each rider’s individual personality and style. wears Bern helmets to keep our heads in one piece while enjoying some of the best catskiing this area has to offer.  Once you try a Bern helmet, you will find the comfort and performance hard to match.  Trust us.

Bern’s mission is to deliver products that action sports participants want before they know they want them. Through new designs, engineering and development, Bern has driven the evolution of head protection. These key Bern differences are designed to enhance your performance, comfort, quality, style and the overall experience of doing what you love to do.